It’s Been a While

It’s been way too long. My excuse in December and January was that I didn’t have a laptop to blog on. That changed at the end of January, yet my lack of blogging habits did not change. Here we are… it’s September 12 and I haven’t posted in over six months.

Where do I even start? Let’s start with a couple thinks that I love right now.

I’m obsessed with nail dip powder manicures. I purchased a kit online from Revel Nail¬†and love it. It definitely takes some time and practice to get the hang of it, but every other nail polish basically chips on my nails. This is like gel nail polish, but stronger. I am a nail biter and have been since I was a teenager. The dip powder manicure is thicker and hard, almost like acrylic/artificial nails which makes it impossible for me to bite my nails. I have a handful of colors, but Revel Nail has over 200 to choose from. I definitely want more!

I’m obsessed with Urban Decay’s Born to Run palette. The eyeshadow is so pigmented and creamy. The colors are beautiful. This is a recent purchase that I am still playing with, but so far so good.

These are my current new favorites. I’m sorry it’s been too long and I hope to do better. Thank you for being patient with me!