The Mascara Chronicles

I have a new mascara in my life that I haven’t told you about. I think I am on my third tube of it already. I really, really love it. It’s the L’Oreal Lash Paradise.


Why I love it…

First off, it has a bristle brush not a plastic brush which is my personal preference. Then, you don’t accidentally spike yourself in the eyeball while applying. Yes, that has really happened to me before and it hurts. A lot.


Secondly it is a thick formula. It almost give a clumping effect to the lashes, but not too much that it makes your lashes turn into three big clumps. One downside to this thicker formula is that I feel it can dry out faster because it doesn’t start off thinner. I replace the tube about every month and a half. Typically, you should replace a tube of mascara every three months because it can breed germs and bacteria.

Because of the thick formula, it is also a very voluminous mascara. It makes my lashes look more fluffy and have more volume than they normally do without mascara. I tend to use voluminous mascaras instead of lengthening because my lashes are long already, I just want it to look like there are more of them.

It’s a dupe for me for Too Faced’s better than sex mascara at a much better price point. At Target a tube of Lash Paradise is $8.99 which is usually where I end up buying it. I think it is a much better formula than the Too Faced mascara as well. Lash Paradise doesn’t smudge or flake on me. I have very watery eyes and tend to have oily eyelids, so mascaras end up moving around on me frequently. Lash Paradise does not.


I love this mascara and don’t have intentions on switching to another for quite a while. I highly recommend giving Lash Paradise a try if you haven’t already!


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