Things I’m Loving – November

Let’s talk about a few beauty things I’ve been loving recently.


I have been loving Glossier skincare over the last few months. If you haven’t heard of Glossier, it is a cult beauty brand that is based in New York. The products I use regularly are the milky jelly cleanser, super pure serum, super bounce serum, priming moisturizer, and the balm dotcom. The milky jelly cleanser has a texture exactly as the name suggests – it is a milky cleanser with a jelly texture. It has a light rose scent. The super pure serum is great on my acne prone skin. The super bounce serum is a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum. I apply both after cleansing my face morning and night. I follow the serums with a layer of the priming moisturizer. I tend to have oily skin, so I prefer a lighter moisturizer. Anything heavier and I tend to get oily faster. The balm dotcom is a thick balm as the name suggests. My favorite balm dotcom scent is mint. I feel like the mint is the most moisturizing on my lips. The balm dotcom can be used virtually anywhere you have dry skin. Glossier also launched their first fragrance a month or two ago and it is by far my current favorite. It’s called Glossier You and I find instead of smelling like a perfume it just makes you smell good. I’m obsessed with it.

glossier1 11-25

IGK Hair

I recently tried a few new hair products from IGK Hair. They are phenomenal. A few of my favorites are the hot girls hydrating shampoo and conditioner, the jet lag dry shampoo, and the beach club texture spray. The hydrating shampoo and conditioner not only smell AMAZING like a tropical coconut scented beach, but also hydrate my hair ends that get super dry. My hair type is odd because my ends get very dry and my scalp gets oily. The shampoo and conditioner work wonders on the ends of my hair. The jet lag dry shampoo is great because I have dark brown hair and it has no white cast at all. It doesn’t have a super strong scent and doesn’t leave a ton a residue behind. It is by far my favorite dry shampoo I’ve ever used. Lastly, the beach club texture spray has the same smell as the shampoo and conditioner and provides the right amount of texture to a hair style. I’ve tried a few other IGK Hair products and these four are by far my favorite.

igk4 11-25

These are the top products I’ve discovered over the last few months that I have already repurchased at least once or a few times. What have you been into recently?


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