Morphe 35R Palette

I recently purchased the Morphe 35R palette and it is amazing. Morphe just released the 35R palette in March. Morphe is a brand I heard about while watching beauty bloggers and vloggers on YouTube. You can order their products online. They also do have a physical store in California. I ordered the palette online, obviously as I am not in California. They make makeup and awesome brushes. I will be doing a review of their brushes soon.

The large Morphe palettes have 35 eye shadows in them. Yes, 35! The 35R palette is $22.99 before tax and shipping. Each shadow works out to be about 67 cents. The quality of the shadows are out of this world. They are seriously so pigmented and so creamy for being a powder shadow.


You can see which three shadows I have used the most so far because they don’t look pristine. There are 15 shimmer shadows in the three rows on the right. There are two satin shades and 18 matte shades. This palette will not be good for traveling for me because it is massive. When I travel I tend to use less products because I don’t want to bring everything with me. I have been using the palette daily since I received it last week. All 35 shadows are quite warm toned. Lately I’ve been putting a light matte or light shimmer shade all over the lid and then use the top two shadows in the middle row blended in the crease. You seriously could make so many color combinations because of the number of shades in the palette. I find because I have brown eyes, using brown shades on my eyelid tend to make my eye color pop more.

This is the first Morphe palette I have purchased and I am very impressed with the quality. I liked the shades of the 35R palette, but Morphe also have a bunch of other palettes on their website. This post is in no way sponsored, I just really love this palette and think other people will love it too! If you have other Morphe palettes that you love leave a comment so I can check them out.


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