Product Empties – Skin Care


I have got a lot of empty skin care products. Over the last year or so I have been trying to improve my skin so skin care has become important to me. Let’s jump into this. On the left is Egg White Pore Foam cleanser by Tony Moly. I really enjoyed this. It was pretty inexpensive from Ulta. It also smelled great. Next was a Clear Pore cleanser from Neutrogena. Do you see a theme going on here? I’m all about the pore cleaning. This is an old classic I used during college that I go back to time and time again. It’s a top favorite of mine. The light blue bottle is Pore Medic by Dr. Jart+. I really liked this cleanser, but it made me break out with a rash on my face. I tried it multiple times and the rash kept coming back. I ended up getting rid of this because of the rash. Behind that is a cleansing oil by Dermalogica. I like cleansing oils to get my makeup off and then follow with a cleanser. I have talked about my love for Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub before so I feel this needs no explanation. I emptied a Mario Badescu Facial Cucumber Lotion which is a toner. Honestly, I don’t think this did a darn thing. So I definitely will not be repurchasing it. Finally, on the right are two Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. This is my favorite moisturizer and I think I have gone through at least ten bottles. I should be using an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle moisturizer, but I love this one so much that I haven’t bothered switching to another moisturizer.


I also have a ton of makeup removers I’ve gone through. There are three different makeup removing wipes. On the far left, is Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming wipes. I love this solely for the plastic flap that seals the pouch back closed. In the middle is Aveeno’s Positively Radiant wipes. I think Aveeno makes great affordable skin care and these are no different. I tried the Garnier Soothing Makeup Cleansing Towelettes because they were on sale and I really enjoyed them. In the back and three Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. The blue topped bottle is for waterproof mascara and waterproof makeup and the pink topped is the regular one. I like the pink one better personally.

I have one most empty product post after this one, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Product Empties – Skin Care

  1. Growing up I used Noxzema just like lots of women my age. I still use it at night but had to switch to an exfoliating wash in the morning.


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