Product Empties – Makeup

I have been saving empty product containers since July. I had a basket that was overflowing and finally have taken photos of the containers. I am going to discuss the products and let you know if I have or will repurchase them. Let’s jump into this. I have a mix of mascara, setting spray, foundation, primer, concealer, and eyebrow products.


I have talked about a lot of these previously as well. Starting with the mascara, I have a dried up Neutrogena volume mascara that didn’t work so great. I have a Cargo mascara that was just okay. There are two Soap & Glory mascaras. The thick and fast one from Soap & Glory made my eyes so itchy. I only used it a few time. Finally, there is Tarte’s lights cameras lashes mascara that is so good. It is definitely my favorite out of all five of those mascaras and probably the only one I will repurchase.

There are two Urban Decay setting sprays. The purple topped one is all nighter setting and the gray capped one is the de-slick setting spray. I like both of them. Also, to be fair both weren’t used up in the last few months. It takes me at least three months to go through a whole bottle since only a few sprays are used at a time. I have repurchased multiple times this as it is my favorite.

In the middle is a loose setting powder loose from Tarte. I have other setting powders I like as well so I haven’t repurchased this. Moving on to brow products, there are three micro brow pencils from Nyx. I love this brow pencil and will continue purchasing it until I find something better. I like the control freak eyebrow gel on top on the eyebrow pencil. To the right are two Urban Decay naked skin concealer tubes. By far my favorite concealer and I just finished up another tube.

Finally, is foundation from Soap & Glory. This isn’t empty, but has oxidized and turned to an orange color. I still love the CC+ face cream from It Cosmetics. I am working on the jumbo tube I ordered from QVC last winter. There is an empty one heck of a blot face primer from Soap & Glory. I really enjoyed this primer and will likely repurchase. Finally, there is an eye shadow primer from Tarte that I really enjoyed. I have purchased an anti-aging eye shadow primer from Urban Decay that I really am liking at the moment.

These are the makeup products I have used up. I still have empty hair products and skin care to discuss so stay tuned!


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