Bronzing Lotion

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve chatted with you. My apologies for that. I try to post regularly on a schedule, but sometimes life gets in the way unfortunately. Work has been busy and exciting this week which has left little time for much else. It’s finally the weekend and a long holiday weekend at that!

Since it is full on summer in Minnesota now, let’s talk about the sun and our skin. I have very fair skin which I have grown to love over the last few years. I used to think my skin was pasty white – which it still is, but I have embraced it and want to protect my skin from damage. One way I do that is to wear sunscreen regularly. I do like how my skin looks with a tan in the summer time, but want to have a safe tan.

I have dabbled in self tanner in the past, but haven’t really found one that I love. I have played around with bronzing lotions though and want to tell you about my favorite.


I have talked about Soap & Glory products previously on The Spotted Poppy. Their Instant Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion is a lotion you rub on to give your skin a nice bronzed color. I don’t think it leaves a scent at all, which is what I like the most about this lotion. It doesn’t have the gross self tanner scent some of these types of products have. Once it dries, it also doesn’t rub off unless you wash it off with soap and water.


The lotion itself kind of looks like poo if I’m being perfectly honest. Take a dollop and quickly rub it into your skin wherever you want to look a bit more bronzed than you actually are. The lotion can stain your hands, which is why I recommend working fast. Then, wash your hands immediately after. I found any staining on my fingers and palms will go away after a few hand washes.

This tinted lotion doesn’t leave you looking streaky if you apply an even layer. I use this the most on my legs when I wear skirts or shorts. Shaving your legs regularly will take off any tan you do have a lot faster, so I tend to use this on my legs the most.

I found this at Ulta about a month ago and have been testing it for the last few weeks. If you do try it, let me know how you like it. Do you have any self tanner recommendations or similar products to this?


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