An Ode to a Hair Brush

My very first post on The Spotted Poppy was an ode to a tweezers. I have a thing for talking about amazing beauty tools. Today, I have another ode for you, but instead of a tweezers it is a hair brush.

If you don’t know what a Wet Brush is, you need to change that right away. At first glance, it is a normal hair brush.


There are a few things that make it magical. It has soft and flexible bristles that instead of pulling at your hair and any knots, it detangles your hair instead. A traditional hair brush pulls at your hair and can break your hair strand if you brush your hair while wet. Like the name suggests though, a Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair. This brush can be used on anyone and any hair type.

Seriously, my cat hates being brushed, but with a Wet Brush she will tolerate it. I may actually end up buying the mini version just to use on her. I wish this type of brush was around when I was a child. I hated getting my hair brushed and memories of sitting in the bathroom crying while my mom would brush my hair because it was so tangled. I recommend this especially for children because it makes hair brushing so easy. I think it would work on any length hair too.

I have found one to last a year or two before it needs replacing. I just purchased this pink one because over time, the bristles begin to bend in half and don’t bounce back. Over the last couple weeks I noticed my Wet Brush wasn’t brushing my hair very well and saw most of the bristles were permanently bent in half. The larger version is $9.99 at Target, but have seen Wet Brush at pretty much every drug store or mass retailer. It is also available online.

Anyway, I will stop raving about a hair brush. I highly recommend it.


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