Champagne Glow Collection Update

Last week, I posted about the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow collection. The middle of last week after I posted that, the beauty blogging world was in a tizzy. Jaclyn Hill posted on her social media there was some inconsistencies with the formula and quality of the eye shadow palette. Becca Cosmetics posted similar things as well. Becca Cosmetics has pulled the palette from the shelves and it will not be available for purchase on June 16th in Sephora stores.

I honestly feel like my eye shadow palette is great. I think the powder itself is very creamy and very pigmented. The darkest shade on the far right, the plum shade, is the least pigmented for me. I love the colors and haven’t stopped using it since I’ve received it in the mail. I will be keeping mine and will not be returning the palette. Sephora and Becca Cosmetics have offered full refunds for anyone that purchased the eye shadow palette and they are unsatisfied with it.

It is unfortunate you won’t get to try the eye shadow palette if you didn’t order it right away when it was available for purchase online. I wanted to give you that update. I still very highly recommend the champagne glow face palette. It is the show stopper of the whole collection.

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you’ve had a great start to your week.


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