Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

The beauty blogging world is raving about Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow palettes. Everyone is raving because they are fantastic. The original champagne pop highlighter is fantastic. I have been loving it since it came out last year.


Then, these palettes came out online and will be in Sephora stores on June 16th. First off, the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette is the show stopper of the whole collection.


The face palette is fantastic. There are three blushes and two highlighters. The powders are creamy and very pigmented. You seriously need the smallest tap into the blush with your brush because it is so pigmented. Champagne pop, the shade that started it all, is on the bottom and front and center in the photo. The lighter more gold shade is prosecco pop and is just as dreamy.


The eye shadow palette is also very pigmented. There are two shimmery shades and three matte shades. I haven’t yet experimented with all five colors yet, so I will keep playing around with them.

I haven’t tried a Becca Cosmetics product I haven’t liked yet. They make quality products that I feel is worth their price tag. These palettes are so beautiful and every time I open one up to use them I can’t get over it. Makeup makes me happy and I love playing around with makeup. These palettes are no different. I love there are so many different colors and combinations by mixing blushes and highlighters.

Do you have a favorite highlighter or highlighter palette? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.


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