MAC Eye Shadows

As promised in yesterday’s rambling post, today I am going to talk about eye shadow. Specifically MAC eye shadow. A couple months ago, I placed an order online from MAC Cosmetics for a few some eye shadows.


Beginning top right corner (reddish shade) going clockwise: Coppering, Era, Patina, Nylon, Omega, and All That Glitters. The quality of MAC eye shadows is amazing. They are pigmented and creamy. I highly recommend them if you haven’t tried any of their eye shadows. I bought the single pan shadows along with a pro palette small compact.

This palette is seriously my perfect palette with all of my favorite colors. My daily eye shadow routine is putting Omega all over the lid and All That Glitters on top all over the lid. I then put Patina in the crease and dab Nylon on the inner corners or my eyes. Some days I will put a little Coppering in the outer corner. Era is my favorite brown if I want to use only one shadow.

I have been having a moment with MAC Cosmetics recently. Their eye shadows are so nice and I like they come in a few different finishes. I have a few more MAC products I will talk about in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


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