Random Bits & Bobs

How is it Friday already? It feels like this week has just begun. I am still trying to figure out a regular blogging/posting schedule that works for you, but also works for me and my life. I do work full time and have a kind of stressful job. I won’t talk very much about my job, because well, it’s my job and there isn’t much to tell. I spend all day on a computer doing computer things.

I came on to the blog today to write a post about eye shadow, but I’m fairly certain that is not going to happen. Most likely tomorrow. I wanted to drop in and apologize for my sporadic posting. I tried posting every weekday, but that didn’t work. I want to create quality content and not post simply to post.

Tentatively, I am thinking of having regular blogs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I will do my best to stick that schedule and please forgive me if I don’t. There are some days, like today, where I just can’t deal with anything. So instead of today, look for my post tomorrow about eye shadow. I am going to enjoy a quiet evening in catching up on TV shows on Hulu and ordering dinner in.


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