My Favorite Lip Balm

I have talked about my skin changing as I have gotten older. Over the last year, my skin has been more dry that it has ever been and my lips have been incredibly chapped. I tried almost every different lip balm I could think of to moisturize my dry, cracked lips.

I was at Sephora a few months ago and picked up a lip balm in the aisle of doom, a.k.a. the smaller items/sample sized on the line to the checkout. I’ve seen Smith’s Lip Balm that is made by the Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. at Sephora and Ulta before. The only scents I had seen before was their rose based scents. I am not a huge fan of rose scented products, so I never tried them. I saw there was a strawberry version. I picked it up to try on a whim since I felt I tried everything else and had nothing to lose.


I opened it up in the car on the way in the parking lot and was pleasantly surprised. It smells exactly like strawberry Lip Smackers I had when I was a child. The consistency is a salve/balm. Within a day or two, my lips didn’t hurt anymore and the cracks were gone.

The next time I saw it at Sephora, I purchased two more because it was that good. I now keep one on my bedside table, another in my desk at work, and the third in my purse. I don’t know what makes this so amazing, but it healed my very chapped lips and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I highly recommend trying this lip balm. They sell it in a tube and the tin. I haven’t tried the tube version of the strawberry lip balm yet. Perhaps when one of my tins is empty I will give it a go.


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