Getting my Bronze on!

The weather is getting warmer out in Minnesota and I am beginning to look forward to summer. Summer means my super pale skin gets a little bit of color and hopefully no sunburns.

Right now it is still a bit cool in the morning and warm in the afternoons, but the sunshine over the weekend was lovely. It was that sunshine on last Saturday morning that made me get out the bronzer for a bit of a glow.


I have talked about the bronzer by Essence before. I still love it and have a ton left. I also enjoy the summery, slightly coconut scent of the compact. I use the Real Techniques sculpting brush when applying a bronzer. It is an angled brush that is perfect for bronzer or a contour color to create depth on your face.

I do want to try a cream bronzer this year as I have never used one before. Hopefully more to come on that. For now, I am content with my powder bronzer to make it look like I got a bit of sun when that may not actually be the case.

I’m looking forward to spring and summer makeup and experimenting with more color. Stay tuned!


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