Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

From the title of this post, I’m sure you’re wondering, “What in the world is that?!” I thought that the first time I saw this in Sephora. Then, I smelled it and fell in love.


Sol de Janiero’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a body cream (and not just for your bum) that is probably my favorite smell ever. I am not good at describing scents, so let’s give it a try anyway. It is a warm, slightly vanilla scent that has a deepness to it. See, terrible at describing scents.


A little big goes a long way. I’ve had this for three weeks and use it daily and have only used a little bit. The cream itself is very smooth and hydrating. It also has a very light iridescence to it that I didn’t notice until last week when I was out in the sunshine.

The only downfall is this body cream is expensive though. I have the 8.1 ounce tub and it was $45. It’s ridiculous, I know. I have found that I only need to apply body cream in the morning after my shower. My skin stays hydrated all day even until my next shower. It’s amazing. This would be a great gift to give or receive. I’m hoping my tub lasts a good long time because I know I will want to repurchase it. The cream is also supposed to help tighten and smooth the look of skin. I can’t say if that is 100% true, but it couldn’t hurt.

I highly recommend at least checking it out and trying it at Sephora. You can also find it on Amazon. This has quickly replaced any other body butter, lotion, or cream I have used in the past.


Shape & Shadow Contour Powder

I am by no means a makeup artist or expert. I just like to experiment with a few things on my own face from time to time. One of those experiments last fall led me to the shape and shadow natural contour powder from Pixi by Petra. I found it at Target.


Contouring is adding shadow and depth to your face. Highlighting is the reverse to add light to certain areas of your face. I use contour powder to add definition to my cheekbones by putting it in the hollows of my cheeks.


What I like about this contour powder is it is very cool toned and isn’t ashy at all. It is super pigmented so the tiniest bit goes a long way. I’ve been using this basically every day for the last six-ish months and it looks like I’ve hardly made a dent. You can still faintly see the Pixi by Petra wording in the pressed powder. Contouring under your cheekbones can make your face look slimmer. I like to take any powder left on my brush and blend it along my hairline on my forehead as well.

With contouring you must be sure to blend it out really good. I don’t typically do a super harsh line as I like it to look more natural – well as natural as possible. It takes practice to really get the hang of it, but I am able to quickly add definition to my face with some quick brush strokes. I typically use the Real Techniques sculpting brush for this contour powder.

Do you have a favorite contour powder? I haven’t tried any cream contour products, have you?

May 2016 Birchbox

A week or so ago, I received my May 2016 Birchbox. This month has been better than the last few. Let’s go more in depth, shall we?


Let’s start with my favorite product, on the left. It is a Vera Bradley fragrance and the scent is vanilla sea salt. It smells amazing. I love a nice vanilla scent, but sometimes they can smell way too sweet. This fragrance has a lovely freshness and lightness to it.

The next product, is ModelCo’s lip lacquer in the color creme brulee. The color is a nice nude, but the formula itself is too sticky for my liking. It does have a nice fruity scent though.

The blue tube is classic face sport SPF 50 by Coola. Coola makes some excellent SPF products. I’ve sampled many Coola products through Birchbox and haven’t found one I didn’t enjoy.

The small white pot is an exfoliating scrub called the doctor’s scrub by Goldfaden MD. I had never heard of this brand prior to sampling it. The scrub itself was nice. It has a fresh, almost lemon scent. The scrub itself is very lovely. I prefer Lush’s ocean salt scrub for every day, but this was a nice sample.

The fifth and last product is a moisturizing sea salt spray from Parlor by Jeff Chastain. The scent of the spray is very nice and not overpowering. I am not a huge fan of sea salt sprays. I don’t like how gritty they feel in my hair, and this one is no different. I will continue trying the product and seeing if my opinion changes.

Overall, I am happy with this month’s Birchbox. I wasn’t happy with my previous boxes, so I was thinking about cancelling my subscription. I joined the wait list for Sephora’s Play box, which is a subscription box like Birchbox. I will keep you posted if I end trying that box out.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your box this month?

MAC Paint Pots

As mentioned in my previous post, I told you a little bit about my newest obsession with MAC Cosmetics. When I made the order from MAC’s website over a month ago, I tried new to me products and haven’t stopped using them.

I have heard for years people talk about MAC paint pots. According to MAC’s website, they are “a long-wearing blendable cream shadow that can be worn alone or with other products.”


Mine is in the color painterly. I love to use it as base on my eyelid. The color just a smidge darker than my skin tone, so it helps even out the color of my eyelid. If my eyes are puffy from any seasonal allergies, this helps smooth everything out on my eyelids.

The texture is so nice and the creamy formula makes it super easy to apply with my finger. I use it every day and feel I have barely made a dent in my paint pot. If you’re looking for an easy cream to powder shadow, I highly recommend trying MAC paint pots.

Do you have another color of the paint pot? I want to know what colors are good.

MAC Eye Shadows

As promised in yesterday’s rambling post, today I am going to talk about eye shadow. Specifically MAC eye shadow. A couple months ago, I placed an order online from MAC Cosmetics for a few some eye shadows.


Beginning top right corner (reddish shade) going clockwise: Coppering, Era, Patina, Nylon, Omega, and All That Glitters. The quality of MAC eye shadows is amazing. They are pigmented and creamy. I highly recommend them if you haven’t tried any of their eye shadows. I bought the single pan shadows along with a pro palette small compact.

This palette is seriously my perfect palette with all of my favorite colors. My daily eye shadow routine is putting Omega all over the lid and All That Glitters on top all over the lid. I then put Patina in the crease and dab Nylon on the inner corners or my eyes. Some days I will put a little Coppering in the outer corner. Era is my favorite brown if I want to use only one shadow.

I have been having a moment with MAC Cosmetics recently. Their eye shadows are so nice and I like they come in a few different finishes. I have a few more MAC products I will talk about in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Random Bits & Bobs

How is it Friday already? It feels like this week has just begun. I am still trying to figure out a regular blogging/posting schedule that works for you, but also works for me and my life. I do work full time and have a kind of stressful job. I won’t talk very much about my job, because well, it’s my job and there isn’t much to tell. I spend all day on a computer doing computer things.

I came on to the blog today to write a post about eye shadow, but I’m fairly certain that is not going to happen. Most likely tomorrow. I wanted to drop in and apologize for my sporadic posting. I tried posting every weekday, but that didn’t work. I want to create quality content and not post simply to post.

Tentatively, I am thinking of having regular blogs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I will do my best to stick that schedule and please forgive me if I don’t. There are some days, like today, where I just can’t deal with anything. So instead of today, look for my post tomorrow about eye shadow. I am going to enjoy a quiet evening in catching up on TV shows on Hulu and ordering dinner in.

Haircut in a tube?

I need a haircut. Desperately. It is definitely a good thing I have an appointment for one later tonight then. I have split ends like crazy and my hair is getting unmanageable and unruly.

I have naturally not quite straight and not quite wavy hair. It can be more frizzy than anything. The strands of hair themselves are a bit on the coarse side and I have a lot of hair. I can make it smooth and perfect if I try hard enough and use my straightener enough. One product that I love and truly see a difference is Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day fresh cut split end mender.


It is a cream you put on the mid-shaft to ends of your damp hair. It is a product that goes on your hair first, before any leave in products or other styling products. It is supposed to help seal the split ends back together.

It is by no means a haircut in a tube. It should not be a replacement for regular trims, but I have found it does a good job of making my frazzled ends a bit more smooth and put together. You can even put a small amount on the ends as a finishing product once styling is completed.

This split end mender has become a staple in my hair care routine. Have you tried this product or something similar? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.