Those Eyebrows Though…

I think over the last year or two, I have really come to love my eyebrows. I have large, bushy, rectangular shaped eyebrows like my father. It wasn’t until the 8th grade when my mom taught me how to pluck them. I was a changed lady, or awkward teenager.

I have let my eyebrows fill in a bit more now than I did back then. I used to pluck or have them waxed super thin. I think my current eyebrow situation is better suited for me and my face shape. In addition to a tweezers down approach I like to fill in my brows a bit to give them a better shape and consistency. My favorite products for the last six months to a year are these from NYX Cosmetics:


The Micro Brow Pencil and Control Freak Eyebrow Gel are fantastic. I use the color taupe in the brow pencil. Usually, I can’t find it at Ulta or Target when I need it because it is all sold out, so whenever I don’t have a backup I tend to purchase one if I see it. I think I am on my third or fourth brow pencil that I have gone through. I also like the wide range of color options. If I remember correctly, I used to use a darker color, but then discovered taupe is my perfect brow shade and I have not looked back.


The brow pencil has a tiny little waxy nib on the business end and a spooly on the other end. I fill in my brow and then gently comb through with the spooly after. Once I have filled in my brows to my liking, I swipe over top with the Control Freak Eyebrow Gel. This stuff seriously keeps your brows in place. It is a clear eyebrow gel and you simply need a light layer. My eyebrows tend to get a bit unruly when I am changing shirts (usually after my makeup is completed) and this helps keep everything in place.


My eyebrow game is strong because of these two products. The eyebrows are the last thing I do when I am applying my makeup so once I’m done, I spritz on a makeup setting spray and I am on my way.

Do you have any recommendations for your favorite brow products?


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