Neon Pink Nails Like Whoa

Last weekend, my mom visited and we had a girls weekend filled with shopping and relaxation. My favorite part was getting manicures and pedicures.

I will be honest though, pedicures make me anxious. I don’t like my feet being touched and my feet are super ticklish. The nitty gritty part of the pedicure, i.e. the cuticle trimming, the foot rub, etc. does not relax me at all. Once we get on to the nail painting I am fine and cool as a cucumber.

Manicures are amazing and a great way to relax. I could get a manicure every other week and be perfectly content. I especially love gel manicures. It lasts so much longer and I love it is dry immediately after the manicure and I don’t have to be delicate with my fingers for the next hour.


The above photo I took earlier this week with my phone in my driveway. To be honest, I am not sure of the color name. I tried to find what the color is, but cannot. The brand is Gelish and I picked the most bright and obnoxious pink I could find. I absolutely love it. Bright pink is my nail color of choice for both my fingers and toes. It is also bright and cheery for spring on the not so bright and cheery days in April.

One downfall to gel polish is removing it. I do what you are not supposed to do and usually end up peeling it off. Perhaps I will get in the habit of going more often and getting it redone. We will see.

What are you favorite spring nail polish colors?



One thought on “Neon Pink Nails Like Whoa

  1. I love anything in the coral realm for spring. Picking off polish is SUPER BAD for your nails. Buff and remove and get it redone. Also I would recommend CND Vinylux with topcoat for anyone wanting a quick drying long lasting home manicure. I LOVE IT!


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