Why You Should Use a Primer

A makeup primer may seem like an unnecessary step to some. I used to be in that camp until I began using a primer daily about a year ago.

Let’s talk skin. I have combination skin that is more on the oily side. My T-zone gets shiny throughout the day, whereas other parts of my face can be dry at the same time. I have found the best way to combat my skin from getting oily is to make sure it is properly hydrated. Your skin can over produce oil when you strip all of the natural oil away. I have learned to step away from the overly drying products and just let my skin be. It has been helping  and I have had fewer breakouts. Primers help add that little bit of extra hydration I need.

Primers also help fill in your pores. No matter how small of pores you have, when you put makeup on, the makeup is going to sink into your pores making your pores more visible. I like using a primer for this reason most of all. I have a few favorite primers I use regularly.


From left to right: Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot, Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter, and Covergirl’s Tru Blend Face Primer for combo skin. I like all three for different reasons. Soap & Glory’s primer is fantastic for oily skin. It helps keep my skin matte throughout the day. The Becca primer is an expensive item and was a birthday splurge this year. I like it because it blurs any imperfections and also provides a glowiness to my skin when it is looking dull. The Covergirl primer is a great combination between the two and is very reasonably priced. My primer combination of choice lately has been to use half a pump of the Becca primer along with a tiny bit of the Soap & Glory primer. I mix them together and apply to my skin before foundation.

I have found primers help smooth my skin overall and makes applying foundation a lot easier. In turn, I use less foundation as well. Is a primer REALLY necessary? Probably not, but I have noticed my makeup lasts a lot longer if I use one.

Do you use a primer? What is your favorite?


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