The Mascara Chronicles, Part II

As I have previously mentioned, I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara for me. I have found another top contender I have been using and putting to the test for the last couple of months.

I had received a sample of the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara in my October 2015 Birchbox. I fell in love with this mascara when I first tried it. So much so, I went out and bought the full size version almost immediately.


I love the formula that is as black as can be. One thing you have to watch out for when applying is clumps. I find if I’m in a rush and applying this mascara, I tend to get more clumps than if I slow myself down and take the time to apply the mascara.


I like the almost fluffy brush that is used for application. Personally, I prefer a larger brush to apply the mascara. I think it makes the mascara look much more voluminous on your lashes.


Here is a close up of the brush itself. It was hard to photograph, but it has almost an hourglass shape to it. It is a natural fiber brush versus a plastic brush applicator.

The mascara works great for me and lasts all day. I have noticed my tube is beginning to get a bit dried out and find when I go to wash my face at night, the mascara is a bit flaky. I didn’t have that problem a couple weeks ago, so I think it is time to replace this tube.

From Ulta or Sephora, the mascara is $23 a tube. That may seem expensive for a mascara, and I agree it is not cheap. I have noticed when I use a mascara I love, I don’t buy other brands randomly all the time because I am unhappy with what I am using. I know I have spent more than $23 in a month on mascara when I am shopping around for one. I guess that is how I justify spending that much on a tube of mascara. I definitely look for quality over price point in my makeup and especially something I put nearly in my eyeball.

Do you have a mascara you love? I would love to hear about it so pop a comment down below!


One thought on “The Mascara Chronicles, Part II

  1. I like to splurge on having my blonde lashes tinted black at the salon. Then I use a light coat of mascara to make them pop…if I take the time to put on eye makeup vs. sleeping a few extra minutes. If the gal does a good job, it looks like I have liner on too.


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