Sheet Masks

I have a new favorite relaxation obsession. On the weekends, usually Sunday nights before bed, I like to have a little pamper session. Things that could be included are a bath, eyebrow plucking, and a face mask. 

Instead of a typical clay mask, I’ve been enjoying sheet masks. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I absolutely love Dr. Jart+’s Pore Minimalist sheet mask. 

I picked it up at Sephora near the register. As the photo shows and the name suggests, it is a sheet that folds and sits on your face. You leave it on for about 20 minutes, then peel off and massage the serum into your skin. I won’t post a photo of myself with the mask on because I look terrifying and like an axe murder. Trust me. 

I like the Dr. Jart+ masks because the sheet itself is thick enough that it isn’t sliding off your face. The serum isn’t irritating for me at all. 

I definitely recommend trying out a sheet mask. You can find one for pretty much any skin need. Have you ever tried a sheet mask? What did you think?


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