New Hair Product

I have a relatively new favorite hair product. It is the Shimmer Shine Spray by Umberto Beverly Hills. I really like what it does to my hair.

DSCN0985The back of the bottle says it should be sprayed on to return shine to dull, lifeless hair, especially after blow drying. I blow dry my hair every other day and feel like that definitely does take a lot of the shine of natural, healthy hair away.

A can of this was $9.99 at Target. I have used it every single day for three weeks straight. I have hardly made a dent in it, so I think a bottle will last a long time. After styling, I simply spray a bit all over my hair, kind of like I spray hairspray. It smells amazing and I think adds a nice shine to my hair. It isn’t oily at all, so I’m not really sure how it works. I just know I love it.


Makeup as Skincare

As I am aging at the ripe age of 27, I have noticed my skin and complexion changing. My skin used to be very oily and acne prone. I am still suffering from adult acne, but it is a lot better than it was when I was a teenager. Now my skin feels a lot more dry and I find myself reaching for more hydration for my skin.

Over the last few months, I discovered It Cosmetics. I’m going to be honest, I saw It Cosmetics on QVC. You know what is fun to do? It’s fun to watch QVC or HSN while your mom is also watching the same program. We have done that and then text and call on commercials to discuss the products. It’s fantastic to be able to do that with a friend.

Anyway, back to It Cosmetics. I saw basically an extended infomercial for the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+. It is a “color correcting full coverage cream.”

DSCN0991It is called a CC cream, but I think it is definitely a full coverage foundation. It glides on super smoothly like a dream. QVC said to apply it and then wait 20 seconds for it to dry and you are good to go to apply anything else over it. I only need to apply powder over it on my chin and nose where I tend to get a bit oily.

DSCN0992The color correcting cream has SPF 50 in it. We all know how good it is to wear SPF daily, so I won’t go on and on about it. I use the color fair and it is a perfect match. I like to use this CC+ cream as an extension of my skincare. I doesn’t clog my pores. It looks and feels like my real skin instead of other foundations where I feel like it is covering my skin up.

Initially I bought this from Ulta, but have since found It Cosmetics is a lot cheaper from QVC. I recently ordered another tube of this CC+ cream from as the tube above is getting low.

I’m interested in trying other items from It Cosmetics. Have you tried any products from this brand already? If so, any recommendations?

E.L.F. Blush & Bronzing Powder

A couple weeks ago when I was at Target, the E.L.F. Blush and Bronzing Powder caught my eye.

DSCN0981It is a very sleek looking blush and bronzer duo and quite compact. It looks a bit like a NARS compact, but obviously does not have that high price tag. If I remember correctly, the duo was $3. Definitely within my price range.

DSCN0983I prefer my blush to have a bit of a coral tone. The blush has a touch of coral, but is a very nice pink. The bronzer is fantastic. It is a nice bronze color without being too warm or too gray toned. I use a little bit of bronzer as a contour on my cheeks. Nothing too crazy, just a little something extra.

I think this is a great drug store blush and bronzer duo. I recommend it! What are your favorite drug store products?

DSCN0974I have a few new products I tested out recently. H&M launched a full beauty range. I had read some blog posts about the range and wanted to try a few things out. So, in true fashion, I talked my husband into going to the Mall of America with me to go a few places including H&M.

DSCN0978I picked up the Perfectionist Finishing Powder in Ivory. I had read great reviews and things about the powder. Personally, I don’t love it. I think it is too much like a talc powder and sits on top of my skin. It does not blend into my skin as much as I would like.

DSCN0977Next, I picked up the High Impact Eye Colour in Act Your Beige. I have what seems like a hundred brown eye shadows. There were many colors in the range to choose from, but I was drawn to this one. It is a warm, beige that is just a touch darker than my eyelid. The consistency of the powder eye shadow is quite lovely. It also has a nice pigmentation to it, which I like.

The packaging of all of the items is very chic and looks like a department store brand. The eye shadow was $6.99 and the powder was $9.99. I am bummed I don’t like the powder more since it was a lot more expensive than the powder I use daily. I do like the eye shadow, but feel there is other drug store brand eye shadows that are just at great and cost less.

Will I purchase anything else from the range? Probably not. I don’t regularly shop at H&M so it would be unlikely I would go back again just to buy something from their beauty range. I hope this doesn’t deter you from trying out the range if you want to. I want to be real in my reviews and share with you the good and the bad.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday and happy end of daylight savings time. I have not adjusted to the time change yet. I’m ready to go to sleep already and the darkness outside my window is not helping. Let’s get into it, shall we?

I want to have my hair long enough to make this perfect ponytail from The Small Things Blog. So beautiful and so perfect. I want it.

I’m currently in the market for a new good book. Any recommendations? I will read pretty much anything.

This recipe for flaky apple dumplings with salted maple caramel from Joy the Baker looks amazing. I can’t wait to try the recipe out.

I hope you have a good week! I have a couple new things and one not so new thing to talk about this week. Stay tuned!