CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection

I stopped at Sephora after work one night this week. A friend of mine was with me and we like to walk around and peruse the store. I picked up a couple things. One of them being this CLEAN rollerball layering collection.

DSCN0969I have sampled a CLEAN perfume that was in one of my past Birchbox boxes. I have found the great thing about CLEAN is they are all fresh, real, and familiar scents in a bottle.

In this collection, you get five 0.17 ounce rollerball bottles.

DSCN0972You get the CLEAN scents: Skin, White Woods, Warm Cotton, Cool Cotton, and Air. The box advertises they are a layering collection that can be mixed and matched. CLEAN says Air “is the ultimate unifier” and can be worn with any of the scents.

The scent I have been wearing since I got the collection is Skin. It smells amazing and smells like clean, fresh skin. It’s hard to describe the scent.

All of the CLEAN scents in this collection are great and smell exactly as they sound. Warm Cotton smells like warm, clean clothes hanging on a clothes line in the sun. White Woods smells a bit like a woodsy winter forest. I love them all. The whole collection from Sephora was $18. The box tells me it is a $40 value. The holidays are approaching and stores are rolling out gift sets and collections. I find buying the gift set is a much better value than purchasing items on their own.

If you are looking for a new fragrance, this collection would be a good way to test the waters of CLEAN.


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