CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection

I stopped at Sephora after work one night this week. A friend of mine was with me and we like to walk around and peruse the store. I picked up a couple things. One of them being this CLEAN rollerball layering collection.

DSCN0969I have sampled a CLEAN perfume that was in one of my past Birchbox boxes. I have found the great thing about CLEAN is they are all fresh, real, and familiar scents in a bottle.

In this collection, you get five 0.17 ounce rollerball bottles.

DSCN0972You get the CLEAN scents: Skin, White Woods, Warm Cotton, Cool Cotton, and Air. The box advertises they are a layering collection that can be mixed and matched. CLEAN says Air “is the ultimate unifier” and can be worn with any of the scents.

The scent I have been wearing since I got the collection is Skin. It smells amazing and smells like clean, fresh skin. It’s hard to describe the scent.

All of the CLEAN scents in this collection are great and smell exactly as they sound. Warm Cotton smells like warm, clean clothes hanging on a clothes line in the sun. White Woods smells a bit like a woodsy winter forest. I love them all. The whole collection from Sephora was $18. The box tells me it is a $40 value. The holidays are approaching and stores are rolling out gift sets and collections. I find buying the gift set is a much better value than purchasing items on their own.

If you are looking for a new fragrance, this collection would be a good way to test the waters of CLEAN.


Ipsy Glam Bag: October 2015 and a Decision

DSCN0967I received my Ipsy Glam Bag for October last week. I’ve got to say, I am still fairly unimpressed with Ipsy. It’s nothing against Ipsy and I had no issues with my subscription. I am just underwhelmed with my monthly glam bag.

This month I received from left to right, an exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub from Peter Lamas. Next, was a liquid lipstick from The Balm. Then there was a hair mask by Eva NYC. I have actually bought this product from Ulta a few years ago and was unimpressed. I received a cream eye shadow from MICA Beauty Cosmetics in the color bronze. Finally, I received a tweezers.

The only thing I am really excited about is the tweezers. It would be good to have one at work in the event I ever need one. All in all, my three months with Ipsy were just okay. I have actually already went in and cancelled my subscription. I prefer Birchbox over Ipsy because I have found a lot more products that I have grown to love through Birchbox.

If you like Ipsy more, that is totally okay. Right now Ipsy just isn’t my favorite and I would rather pay the $10 monthly for something I do actually love. You have been here with me during my entire trial of Ipsy. You can read the other two months’ reviews here and here.

So, now if you ask me to choose between Birchbox and Ipsy you know I will tell you Birchbox.

Birchbox: October 2015

DSCN0964This month’s Birchbox theme is Positive Force. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned each box has a theme…

Anyway, this month Birchbox partnered with The Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The box is an all pink box with plenty of goodies inside.

I will talk about the products from left to right. First up, is an elixir mist from Rusk. The label on the bottle says it is a thermal shine mist. I sprayed it on my hair when I first opened the box. I am not a huge fan of the smell, but it did make my hair shinier. Next is the Borghese fango purificante clay cleanser. I am intrigued by this as it isn’t a clay mask, but a clay cleanser. I really enjoy clay masks so I’m excited to try this. Next, is a soothing moisture mask from Avene. The mascara sample is from Stila and it is their huge extreme lash mascara. Lastly, I received a perfume sample from Calypso St. Barth.

Funny story about the perfume sample. I received this month’s box last week and had rushed home from work because I had a haircut appointment to get to and didn’t want to be late due to being stuck in traffic. I scarfed down some dinner and then opened up my box. I didn’t test smell the perfume and told my husband, “Taking a risk!” as I sprayed it on my wrist before heading out the door. I do not like the scent at all and it was a terrible risk to take.

I am pleased with this month’s box. I feel I received a good mix of products and will like all of them but the perfume.

Up next, I am going to talk about the October’s Ipsy Glam Bag I received.

Behind the Scenes

There are a few behind the scenes admin things going on with The Spotted Poppy. For starters, things may look a bit different.

I’m in the process of switching from Blogger to WordPress for blogging. It is a transition with a steep learning curve, so please be patient with me. I’m hoping this change will make it easier for you (and me) to see posts and find things.

If you previously commented on a post, it should have been moved over, but if not I apologize. Again, steep learning curve. I plan to get back to regular posting very soon.

Sunday Musings

I’ve got a problem. Well this is one of them. See that stack of magazines? Those are the magazines I haven’t yet read. And yes, they go all the way back to April. I’m well aware it is October. When I started reading a bunch yesterday I was in January, so I have made progress.
This week Kate from The Small Things Blog wrote a post about makeup and how it doesn’t make you a different person. It may enhance your features, but does not make you different from someone other than who you are. I like makeup because I like playing with it and enhancing different facial features, but I still feel like that same person whether I have makeup on or not. It was a good read.
I’m thinking about canceling my Ipsy subscription. I am receiving my third one sometime this week and unless it blows my socks off, I will likely cancel. It’s not because I dislike it, I just don’t love it as much as I love my Birchbox subscription.
I’m trying to drink more water as home on the weekends. I am good about drinking water at work. We have a filtered water fountain on my floor and my goal is to drink three of my one liter water bottles daily. On the weekends I don’t do as great. I have been trying to make it a habit of keeping my water bottle filled and with me at home or on the go.
I don’t know much else. I’m going to go and sit in front of the fan now. It’s 83 degrees out currently according to and my apartment is toasty warm. I do not like this. I much prefer fall and 60 degree weather.
Happy Sunday!    

The Mascara Quest – Volume One

For the last year or so, I have been on a quest to find the perfect mascara. So far, I have only been somewhat successful.

Let’s take a look at a few I have tried recently and my favorite thus far. Newest to me is from Covergirl and it’s called The Super Sizer. 

The Super Sizer claims to give you “400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned out lashes” according to their website.

It has one of those plastic brushes that I don’t particularly care for. The formula was just okay. I thought it made my lashes look very spidery. I wasn’t a fan. I picked it up at Target.

Next up, I tried Pixi by Petra’s Large Lash Mascara in bold black. It has a fiber brush that I prefer, so was happy to test this one out.

I think the formula was a wetter formula that took a bit to dry on my lashes. The brush itself is very large so I found it somewhat difficult to apply to my lashes without touching the skin on the top of my eyelid or below my eye with the wand. I also got this at Target.

I received the Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara in July free with an order from Birchbox. I talked about it a bit here. I think this is one of my favorite mascaras I have tried in the last few month. The formula is fantastic and just the perfect wetness. The brush is great at coating all of my lashes. Sadly, this tube is getting quite dried out.

The brush is a fiber brush and isn’t too small or too large. It isn’t a waterproof mascara, but I didn’t experience any smudging whatsoever. I think I am going to pick up another tube of this very soon.

I am still on a quest for my perfect mascara. My lashes are pretty long so I look for a volumizing formula in a mascara instead of lengthening. I also usually like waterproof versions as my eyes are fairly watery and I need all the help I can get keeping my eye makeup actually on my face.

What are your favorite mascaras? Do you have any recommendations?

Dry Skin SOS

I can tell fall is definitely here and winter is soon on the way. It has gotten quite brisk and chilly in Minnesota. I can tell the air is getting more dry as the skin on my face is so dry. So dry, flaky, and scaly. 

Do you have any good moisturizers you use in the winter? I’m feeling so dry and need all the help I can get. Comment below with your recommendations.