Facial Scrub

One thing I like to do a few times a week at night is use a great scrub to really clean my face and get all the dirt off my skin. Enter, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’ Ocean Salt Cleanser.

This is the first pot of it I’ve tried and am about a third to half of the way through it. I absolutely love it, so much so, I made my husband try it out. It leaves my face so incredibly smooth.

It is a salt scrub as the name would suggest. It smells divine, almost like a cocktail and the ocean rolled into one. A word of warning though. If you have any open wounds on your face (i.e. popped zit, shaving nick, etc.) it will sting for a hot minute.

What I do is wet my face and put a small amount in my hand (maybe a touch more than this). I rub it between my hands and then onto my face. This doesn’t remove makeup so I usually will use a makeup removing cleanser first and then this scrub. Once I feel my face is good and scrubbed, I rinse it clean and pat dry my face. Then I feel how smooth my cheeks are. I tend to use this scrub every other night when I know I am going to wash my hair the next day in the event I get a little too crazy with the scrub.

I highly recommend the Ocean Salt scrub. It’s the first scrub from Lush I’ve tried and will definitely be purchasing another one when mine is empty.


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