Birchbox: September 2015

On Thursday, I got home from work from a particularly stressful day. I did the usual things first: put my bags down, took my shoes off, fed the cat, and got the mail. In my mailbox was a nice pink box and it was my Birchbox. I was so happy to have received it, finally.

I took photos as I was opening it, so it’s like you’re opening it with me. This month’s box has a lovely design with a nice reminder that everyone is beautiful.

Above, I opened the box and artfully posed all of the samples. This month there are a lot of things. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, love shampoo from Davines. I’ve received samples from Davines before and love their products.

I received a matching conditioner packet as well. Next week I’m traveling for work a couple days, so it will be great to have these two to wash my hair at the hotel. Perfect timing, Birchbox.

I received a perfume sample from English Laundry. It smells AMAZING. I like receiving perfume samples because they usually last a couple weeks and I can really test out a scent. This is a very sweet smelling scent and I’m in love. Perhaps a full size purchase of this may happen soon…

I received a couple items from (MALIN+GOETZ). They are a grapefruit face cleanser and a vitamin E face moisturizer. I then received a green apple peel. I’m looking forward to trying to peel and seeing how it cleans and exfoliates my skin.

Lastly, I received an eye shadow palette from POP Beauty. The colors are gorgeous and I’m looking forward to trying it out soon.

I am very, very happy with this month’s box. I think Birchbox really hit it out of the park with this box and has kept me as a subscriber for a bit longer. The last six months have just been okay, but starting last month and into September they are definitely getting better.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Do you have any other monthly subscriptions you like?


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