Brush Cleaning

On Sundays, I like to clean my make up brushes. It lets me start the week out fresh. By the end of the week, my brushes begin to look a little gross.

The photo above is after two weeks of use. Usually, if I miss brush washing on Sunday mornings I will put it off until the next Sunday. I try to wash my brushes at least once every two weeks.

I will wash all the brushes I have used and that are dirty. For the most part, the above brushes are the ones I use all the time. You can see especially on the blush brush (pink handle) it is well used. The tips of the bristles should be white.

My soap of choice is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. I really like the peppermint scent. Honestly, this soap is great. I use it to mop my floors as it is pet safe and use it on my makeup brushes since it is super gentle.

I start out by wetting the brush. I take a drop or two of the soap in my hand and swirl the bristles around my hand until it is nice and foamy.

I then rinse the soap out. If the brush didn’t get fully clean and a second washing is needed, I repeat the process. Then, I reshape the brush and lay it on a washcloth to dry. Repeat with all brushes.

So fresh and so clean. I’m going to tell you a secret. Up until about a year ago, I maybe cleaned my makeup brushes once every six months to a year. I know, not good. Washing your brushes is important because they can harbor bacteria and if you use the same brush over and over, your skin can get irritated. My skin tends to break out when it gets irritated.

There is something so great about starting Monday morning off with clean brushes. Mondays are hard, so something this simple makes Mondays a bit more bearable. Do you clean your brushes regularly? What kind of cleaner do you use?


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