Sunday Musings

I am starting something new where on Sundays, I am going to post a few links and talk about random nonsense for a bit. Are you okay with that? Cool. By the way, the photo above is of my cat, Boots. She may make a few appearances around here. Also, she loves patterns as you can see.
I recently discovered my favorite cosmetic brand, tarte, is now available on QVC. This pleases me. I love that a lot of the products come with tarte brushes. I absolutely love tarte’s brushes because they are fantastic. I’m going to do a post soon about the brand and how much I adore tarte. QVC seems to discount the products a bit which I think is great.
I have been following Joy the Baker’s blog for about five years. She recently posted a roast chicken recipe that I am going to try very soon.
Do people still use Pinterest regularly? Until today, I had not looked at it in over a month. The last time I logged in, the only thing I saw were advertisements that irritated me.
 I am finishing up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I’ve already been mentally going through my possessions and sorting items. The idea is, you sort your possessions by category. For example, take all of your shirts you own and throw them all together in a pile. One by one, you sort through each shirt. You only keep what sparks joy and what you truly love. The idea is simple. Obviously, it is more difficult with things that hold sentimental value. The book really is excellent and I can’t wait to finish it and begin sorting everything.
Happy Sunday and Labor Day weekend! The sun is shining here in Minnesota and it is supposed to get a bit cooler in the next few days. I’m already looking forward to fall.

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