Birchbox vs. ipsy: August 2015

The time has come. It’s a face off between Birchbox and ipsy.

Let me start off by saying I adore Birchbox and have really loved the monthly boxes since I began it in May of 2013. It has only been recently where I’ve been feeling a little “meh” about my monthly boxes. This month though, I think Birchbox hit a home run. My favorite sample this month is the smoothing fluid by Rene Furterer. I haven’t heard of the brand prior to this and it has made my hair ridiculously soft on the days I wash my hair. I apply about a dime sized amount when my hair is still damp and then blow dry.

The ipsy glam bag made me get excited about samples again. I absolutely loved that there were two full sized products in it. TWO! That has never happened with Birchbox. My favorite product was the nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty. I love the color and foresee many manicures and pedicures using it. I did notice with ipsy, I had not heard of any of the brands of products received in my glam bag. The brands for the five samples were completely foreign to me. It’s intriguing as I could potentially find an awesome product or brand, but I don’t know anything about the brand and their reputation. With Birchbox, I had heard of four out of the five brands in my August box.

This is beginning to feel a bit like a pro con list, so let’s roll with it. Birchbox comes in a cardboard box. I have used these boxes to put gifts in and then wrap up, but right now have a huge stack under my desk that I keep knocking over. The ipsy glam bag comes in an actual bag which I think is cool. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of them once I begin accumulating a bunch. Maybe use them as a gift wrapping as well.

The race between the two is neck and neck for me. This month, I feel Birchbox squeaked out a win. I have been reaching for the samples in my Birchbox over the ipsy glam bag this month. I definitely do think ipsy has the potential to win out though. I am giving ipsy a fair shot and trying out all of their samples.

If you subscribe to one or both, what are your thoughts? Do you have any other good subscription services you’re a part of?


2 thoughts on “Birchbox vs. ipsy: August 2015

  1. I use my ipsy bags to store my extra makeup that I don't use every day. I have lipsticks in one, eyeliners in another, blushes in another, etc. Hopefully this is only until I get a new house and a dream vanity for better storage…wishful thinking!


  2. Ah a dream vanity. That would be lovely. If the bags are the right size you might consider donating them to a preschool or daycare to use as pencil/marker/crayon bags. I would love a couple myself.


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