Brand Focus: essence

A few months ago, I bought a few essence cosmetics products on a whim. I am so glad I did because it turns out, I love the brand. Their Web site says they are “dedicated to bringing affordable, fun, and high-quality products into the serious world of cosmetics.” I genuinely like the products, but I think the price point is even better.

I found essence on an end cap at Ulta. I’ve walked past that same end cap dozens of time at Ulta, but just never stopped to check it out. If I am remembering correctly, the top of the end cap had products focused to a much younger crowd — think glittery nail polish, nail stickers, etc. But… I looked downward on that end cap and found two dreamy colored lip sticks, a perfect shade for me eyebrow pencil, a great volumizing mascara, a matte setting powder, and a fantastic bronzer.

The all about matt! fixing compact powder has been an oily face saver this summer. It is very lightweight and has a diffusing effect. It brushes on smooth and the powder itself is finely milled. It is a very soft, smooth powder. It is a white colored powder, but goes on translucent and leaves no color whatsoever. The cost of the compact powder was $3.99.

The sun club matt bronzing powder is a matte bronzer which I prefer. I would rather add any shimmer with a highlighter and not a bronzer. The bronzer powder also smells great, weird I know. It has a hint of a not quite coconut smell, but really it smells like summer. It is a large compact and you get a lot of product for the cost. I have the shade 02 targeted to brunettes. The sun club bronzer I picked up for $4.99 at Ulta.

I have tried two of essence’s long lasting lipsticks. The one that is swatched on the bottom of my hand and is the tube on the right of the two is shade 01 – coral calling. It is the one I prefer and wear almost daily. The darker shade that is swatched on the top of my hand and it the tube to the left is shade 16 – I am yours. It is a bit more dark and definitely more a rose color versus the coral shade in coral calling. Each were $2.99.

I prefer waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I have especially watery eyes so anything that will last longer on my eyes is fine by me. The gel eye pencil waterproof eyeliner in black is awesome. It’s a gel liner so super silky and glides on smoothly without any tugging. It is a twist up pencil so no sharpener is needed. The get big! lashes volume boost waterproof mascara has my favorite type of mascara wand. It is big and bushy which I prefer in order to get all of my eyelashes.

It comes the blue tube. I actually need to pick up a new one as this one is beginning to dry out. At  $3.99 per tube, it is easy on the wallet. The last product I’ve tried is the eyebrow designer pencil for my brows. I use the shade 04 – blonde. I always pick up a lighter eyebrow pencil versus a darker one so my brows don’t look too overdone and too obvious that they are filled in. The eyebrow pencil is $1.99.

If you’ve tried any essence products or have any already, let me know what you think in a comment below! I really want to check out their blushes and eyeshadow as well. Looking on their website it looks like they have a couple eyeshadow pallets that I won’t be able to resist.


2 thoughts on “Brand Focus: essence

  1. I will try again. I thought I left a comment yesterday. I am wondering if bronzers have an age limit. I would be curious to try one but think it is for a younger person. Thoughts?


  2. No, I don't think bronzers have an age limit. I think if they're too glittery, they can look too young, but a good matte bronzer has no age limit in my opinion. I use my matte bronzer for contouring purposes.


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